If you'd like to receive a copy of my free "Harp Mic Buyers Guide" just send a request via the form below.  Please be clear that you are asking for the guide.  You can also use this form to ask general questions about my products, or any “Master Series” productions such as “The International Blues Blowoff”, or any shows on “The Back Stage”

The free Harp Mic Buyers Guide is loaded with useful information on the frequently misunderstood topic of harmonica microphones.  It will help you to select a suitable match for the style and genre of music you want to play, enable you to distinguish between quality and inferior workmanship, and help you to recognize many of the common selling scams that abound online.  You will also be added to my mailing list, unless you specify that you only want the buyers guide... it's a highly useful tool, regardless of where you get your mic.

It's been many years since I updated this resource, therefore any pricing info is well out of date.  The rest of the guide remains fairly constant.