RJ Mischo - Concert + Two Day Harmonica Instruction Clinic

RJ Mischo on The Back Stage, Greeley CO  -  Spring 2023  -  Exact dates TBA

There will be harmonica teaching clinics for two consecutive days, conducted by RJ Mischo and at least one other instructor, in order to accommodate players of different skill levels.

One day will end in a show by RJ, and likely an invitational Blues Blowoff.  The other day RJ and I will host a jam session open only to the students, a great chance to strut your newly acquired skills among harp playin' friends both old and new.

I'm considering putting RJ's show in a local indoor venue where we can get a bit louder and accommodate a larger crowd than would be ok on the Back Stage... either way, it's going to be a blast!

For those needing lodging, there is a well kept highly rated Day's Inn only 11 blocks away.  There is also space here to accommodate a few tents on a privacy fenced shaded lawn.  I have a tent tall enough to stand up in, which I'll offer as a VIP glamping setup with nice comfortable bedding for two.  Price TBD, let me know if you're interested.


Ticket prices and other details TBA