Workshop Bench Rates

Harmonica Planet offers fabrication, modification and repair services for microphones of almost any kind.  I also repair and fabricate audio cables, and on a limited basis, repair instrument amplifiers, audio mixers, effects pedals and other associated items. 

The below list is but a small sample of the services I offer.  If you need services which are not specifically listed, my standard bench rate is $55/hr.  There is a 1 hour minimum, but I sometimes can waive that, it depends on the individual circumstance.  I most typically do not charge a fee for simple diagnostic work on microphones sent to me for estimates.  Each circumstance is different, reach out with details of your project, I think you'll be pleased with both the price I quote, and the thoroughness of my response.  


Shipping costs are not included in any of the below prices

$55  Retrofit a Shure "Green Bullet" or Turner "Sharkfin" with a Switchcraft 2501MP screw-on connector.  Same price for many other "Bullet" style microphones.  Add $10 for Shure 520DX, Hohner Blues Blaster, or Astatic and other brands which feature an XLR style connector.  This service includes all necessary materials such as wiring, adhesives, soldering etc... I will also clean the windscreen if needed.  This is one of my most popular services.

$125  Full Retrofit; Turner sharkfin models such as the 256 and +2, or any rebranded versions from other companies such as Johnson.  Includes removal of stem/base, rounding-off the lower body, shaving the fin to a comfortable to grip dimension, installation of a 2501MP screw-on connector, new wiring, clean windscreen.

$110  Retrofit Shure 545 "Pistol Grip" or 545L with Switchcraft 2501MP.  This removes appx half the weight of the bulky heavy pistol grip models. In the case of the 545L, the fixed cable is eliminated, and an internal matching transformer is added to "boost" the mic from low to high impedance.

$150  Full Twin Tone Conversion of your existing Shure 520, 520D or other similar Shure models  (using the original element it arrives with).  Crystal element versions are +$20.   Add $30 for Stripped & Polished or Texture Grip finish.  Not recommended for 520DX unless the element is also replaced, reach out for details.